Lavender Sweet Lavender in Tennessee

This is our vision for Middle Tennessee - just like it did in Sequim, Washington. Our success will make others follow.... and before you know it... We'll have wine and lavender EVERYWHERE and farmers who actually can make a profit and love what they do for a living. All it takes is YOU!! We all need a little lavender in our lives!

We have the vision and will do the work, the rest is up to you!
If you like this, buy our products and come visit! #mulberrylavender

For the last 20 years, the Sequim Lavender Growers Association, with over 30 member farms all dedicated to growing acres and acres of sweet-smelling, antioxidant-rich, antiseptic, and delicious lavender, has been a driving force behind the annual Sequim Lavender Festival.

Why not celebrate all those purple fields!

Sequim Lavender Festival

Sequim Lavender Festival: Enjoy 3 days of festivities, activities, and entertainment centered around Sequim lavender farms and many lavender products.