Spring is upon us - and so are the Baby Lavender Plants!

Life is Good on Mulberry Creek  

Newsletter #1 - Volume 1.

You receive this email, because over the course of the last 6 months you have discovered Mulberry Lavender Farm and B&B online, at the market or heard it from friends, and you added your name to our Farm Friend list. 

I truly appreciate you coming along for the ride, and whether I see you at the markets, on the farm, or events we attend, I love speaking with you and sharing our world. 

A lot has happened over the winter - the chores consisted of getting the rooms in the house ready for guests and to provide the right ambience for a great farm experience — as well as cleaning up the wood lots, creating hiking paths, making lots of products, helping all the critters and everything through the winter. 

The winter was one for the records, with a lot of moisture, and the creek breached the banks on two occasions within one week - and according to some locals this has not happened since the 80s. No damage was done since it only flowed into natural areas that are now greening up twice as fast due to the nutrients that were brought in by the water.  We have monitored the lavender closely and although they are still dormant, they made it through the winter with flying colors. We love to see those first little green sprigs emerge - that is a very exciting moment each and every year. 

AWA Certified Eggs from our happy hens

AWA Certified Eggs from our happy hens

The hens have decided to start laying again and their chocolate brown eggs are available on the farm and at the market. You may not know this yet but we are very committed to organic standards and no GMOs, we are the only AWA-Certified (Animal Welfare Approved) farm in all of Southern Middle Tennessee! We raise our bar pretty high and take pride in that. We just recently passed our annual audit again with the highest score, as we have since 2010 when we first became part of the program. We go the extra mile to keep our animals happy and healthy and they return the favor tenfold. 

The first BABY LAVENDER PLANTS of the season are available and we plan on several plant sale dates on the farm - the first one coming up is Sunday March 25 from 11:00am until 4:00pm. There will be lavender cookies and lavender tea, free or for a small donation - first come first serve. 

The following plants will be available for $10 each in gallon pots, they are all hardy and regionally adapted:

  • Dilly Dilly: a very old variety that has been around a long time, superbly fragrant and vigorous;
  • Blue River: a lovely angustifolia - great color - a bluish purple as the name implies, and great for culinary uses;
  • French Perfume: great color and lasting fragrance;
  • Ellagance Sky: no it is not a typo, just wordplay - wonderfully fragrant and beautiful violet color, especially in groups;
  • Ellagance Pink: pinkish almost white translucent blossom with a heavenly fragrance - great for culinary uses;
  • Grosso: strong scent and great for wand making and crafts, or long lasting bouquet.
  • We are always interested in nursery pots, especially gallon pots, so if you have any laying around, we love to take them off your hands, so we can reuse them.
Trisha Leone - Travelin Kind

A quick shout-out for Trisha! You may have met her while she is handling our booth at some of the farmers markets. She has been kind enough to help us out on occasion during our busy times. Tell her HI and you should hear her sing! She is one half of a duo called Travelin Kind. 

I think it is great to have you as our Farm Friend and will regularly send you our newsletter. We have many plans in the works and slowly but surely they are all coming to fruition. Thanks for coming along on the ride. See you soon!

Mulberry Lavender Farm and B&B