Mark your calendar for our Heirloom Tomato Baby Plant Sale - Sunday April 23

Limited Supply! Free Admission

Grow your own Old-Time Delicious Tomatoes!
All organic of course!

Save it to your calendar and share with your friends

We have started them for you! All you have to do is plant them - enjoy them - and save more seeds for next year. Or maybe just EAT them - that's ok too :-)

The date may change - to get you the BEST plants for a good start of the season - so stay tuned.

We will show you how to plant them and how to save the seeds so these tomatoes can be enjoyed for years and generations to come. No patents or dependence. Just delicious!

Come visit the farm - shop in the store - get your baby plants - enjoy some lavender tea and cookies on the porch - Let us know you're coming!